Our First Project – Waste Tyres

Waste tyres are one of the highest generated waste product globally and are an ecological problem. It is an environmental hazard which cause more harm to the environment and climate. Raw material compositions creates difficulty in disposal recycling. Existing facilities and recycling methods for waste tyres produces low grade by-products and toxic emissions without neutralizing the environmental impact.

Our Waste To Energy Plant

The plant will provide end of life solution to waste management, starting with waste tyres. It will be the first of its kind in the world deploying our forefront patented RF Induced Plasma Pyrolysis Induction technology to recycle waste tyres into energy, precious byproducts and generate carbon credits. The Singapore plant will be a showcase of a progressive and technologically advanced zero-waste solution which has economic, social and environmental benefits.

Collection of waste tyre
Patented waste-to-energy process

A first in the world patented and Singapore-owned process developed by our USA scientists to convert waste tyres into electricity & valuable recycled by-products.”

End Products

Carbon Black, Electricity, Scrap Metal, Carbon Credit