Omstar Lubricant - Solutions to Fuel Efficiency & Tackle Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As climate change affects our planet’s health and ecosystems, it is important to do our part to stave off or offset its negative impacts. One way to help lessen the effect of climate change is to reduce our carbon emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions trap heat in the atmosphere, leading to several changes like global warming, deterioration of the ozone layer, and destruction of ecosystems. While gases like methane and nitrous oxide are also harmful and contribute to our overall carbon footprint, carbon dioxide is the most prevalent. Burning of fossil fuels, manufacturing, and transportation has been a leading cause of the sharp increase in CO2 emissions, at levels that are now impossible for nature to balance on its own.

Reducing carbon emissions is important because it can help offset the dangerous and harmful effects high levels of CO2 have on our environment. 

The main objective of Global Enviro Solution is to provide proven patented technology to reduce carbon emissions in all types of internal combustion engine ranging from automotives, train to maritime vessels.