Assistant Electrical Engineer

Job Description

The candidate responsibilities will include maintaining plant electrical instruments and control, electrical facilities, and equipment. Improving plant equipment’s safety, reliability, and performance and providing general support to the engineering team will be part of daily tasks.


  • Schedule and undertake periodic maintenance on all electrical equipment, components, and installations.
  • Provide prompt response to inquiries whenever there is a breakdown, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible
  • Ensure that equipment in good working order so as to prevent disruption of activities
  • Installation of fresh electrical components and fittings.
  • Recommend replacement for old or faulty electrical components or fittings to the management
  • Assist in forecasting requirements, creating a budget and scheduling expenses for the electrical department
  • Keep record of all stock and supplies, including company’s electrical equipment
  • Working in collaboration with the production team to formulate the best cost-effective manufacturing process
  • Ensure that all electrical gadgets and instruments are switched off after close of work daily
  • Fix and maintain lighting fixtures and fittings
  • Troubleshoot machine breakdowns and provide preventive maintenance services
  • Provide safe working environment for members of staff, and ensure electricity induced accidents and mishaps are prevented


  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
  • Minimal 1 year experience in electrical machines and facilities.
  • Must be able to understand equipment manual.
  • This opening requires 12-hour rotating shift work and overtime


For interested applicants, please forward your resume to